Important Things Before Buy Younique lash Serum Review 2020

okay girls all right today I am going to show you how Younique lash Serum to take your god-given natural lashes and give them more volume in more length and help them to be in their best condition condition so that they are primed and ready for you to put that either 3d fiber or

epic mascara Younique lash Serum on them and have lashes that go up to the sky okay also here’s my name I realized that my dog was in the picture but umĀ  all right he’s super excited about just as I

okay here it is this is the esteem Younique lash Serum okay you can use it up to twice a day once in the morning once in the evening when you use it in the morning you want to make sure that you let it dry completely before you go in with your mascara Younique lash Serum takes about a minute

or two to dry so I want to show you how to use it real quick and while I’m showing you that I just want you to goahead and take a look at my Younique lash Serum this is I don’t have anything on them

I promise no mascara Younique lash Serum nothing but you see links and volume there I’ve been using it for three and half weeks two times a day religiously I haven’t skipped a single day and my results have been amazing I had really kind of short like baby thin Younique lash Serum before because

when I was pregnant with my daughter my eyelashes actually fell out much apparently according to my doctor is a fairly common side effect of pregnancy so you know that’s fun like pregnancy isn’t already difficult enough your eyelashes can follow so mine did and they didn’t come back

so I was left with these bald spots where my eyelashes should have been which is nobody wants that so for me the Younique lash Serum has been amazing because can you see any of the bald patches and look when I turn there’s actual length and I’m not wearing any mascara right now but there’s actual length I didn’t used to have that all right so to do it looks like a mascara Younique lash Serum wand like that

it’s clear and you but you don’t apply it like a regular mascara you’re going to apply it to the lid side of your eye so um best way describes that so not like a regular mascara Younique lash Serum from the other side of the lash

okay and you want to put the wand about mid lash and then just sweep it up okay just like that it is safe for contact lens wearers it’s got all natural good for you ingredients so there’s no toxin no parabens none of that nasty stuff that you don’t want to get near your eyeballs

I see just going under stuff like that and again just mid lash up you don’t need to go to the base and then what I do is I don’t think up any more product and I just kind of top off the ends just like that see and then that is it then I go to bed or its morning time

I wait about I don’t know two minutes I’d go ahead and do the rest of my makeup or whatever and then you can put the mascara right on top of it works perfectly so it has been clinically shown to give you up to 39% more volume and 29% more length and I can definitely attest to that so it retails for $42

which is an amazing deal considering that most lash serums on the market currently retail for over $100 so it’s an amazing deal and I highly highly recommend that you get some on your eyelashes and get those beautiful natural lashes that you haveĀ  always dreamed about so hope you enjoyed.


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Pronexa Hairgenics Younique lash Serum


Younique lash Serum


Tips for use:

Use for a minimum of at least 60 days as the eyelashes and brows are the slowest growing hairs on the human body. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!


Younique Esteem Lash Serum


Younique lash Serum


Tips to use:

Start with clean lashes. Place the brush on the lid side of your lashes and gently sweep from the middle of your lashes to the tips each night before bed. To avoid momentary tingling that may occur if product comes into contact with the eye, avoid getting product too close to the lash root. Allow product to dry completely before sleeping.


Younique Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum


Younique lash Serum



Younique Mood Struck 3D Fiber Lashes


Younique lash Serum


Tips for use:


  • With new rayon fibers to deliver the uplift and makes biggest visual difference
  • Fibers enhanced with uplift eye serum for healthier lashes
  • Ophthalmologist tested



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