11 Best Blazer for Men -Brands for [Casual & Wedding Collection]




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11 Best Blazer Brands for Men for [Casual & Wedding Collection]



01 Raymond


Raymond Men’s Notch Lapel Regular Fit blazer for men



Raymond Men’s Peak Lapel Regular Fit Blazer



Raymond Men’s Unstitched 3.25 m Suit Fabric



02 Park Avenue


Park Avenue Men’s Notch Lapel Regular fit blazer for men



Park Avenue Men’s Notch Lapel Slim fit Blazer



Park Avenue Men’s Notch Lapel Slim fit Blazer



02 Blackberrys

Linen Self-Checked Single-Breasted Blazer



Slim Fit Single-Breasted Smart Casual blazer for men



Self Design Slim Fit Single-Breasted Casual Blazer




03 Peter England


Blue & Grey Self-Design Slim-Fit Single-Breasted Blazer



Self Design Single-Breasted Slim Fit Blazer



Striped Slim-Fit Single-Breasted Casual Blazer



04 Louis Philippe


Grey Checked Slim Fit Single-Breasted Linen Formal Blazer



Super-Slim Fit Printed Single-Breasted Casual Blazer



Men Navy Blue & Maroon Checked Slim Fit Single-Breasted Formal Blazer





Blue Slim Fit Single-Breasted Formal Blazer



Blue Slim Fit Single-Breasted Formal Blazer



Black Slim Fit Casual Blazer



06 Jack & Jones


Men Purple Solid Regular Fit Single Breasted Casual Blazer



Men Blue Solid Slim Fit Single Breasted Casual Blazer



Men Grey Solid Single-Breasted Cotton Casual Blazer



07 Arrow


Self-Design Single-Breasted Zero Calorie Fit Casual Blazer



Men Charcoal Grey Solid Zero Calorie Fit Single-Breasted Casual Blazer



Men Navy Blue & White Self-Design Single-Breasted Zero Calorie Fit Casual Blazer



08 Allen Solly


Men Blue Self-Design Slim-Fit Single-Breasted Blazer



Men Grey Checked Slim-Fit Single-Breasted Casual Blazer



Men Navy Blue Checked Single-Breasted Slim-Fit Blazer



09 Hangup


Men Blue Solid Regular Fit Single-Breasted Blazer



Men Black Velvet Regular Fit Single-Breasted Party Blazer



Men Coral Solid Slim Fit Blazer




Men Blue Checked Slim-Fit Single-Breasted Blazer


Men Beige Self-Design Slim-Fit Bandhgala Blazer



Men Blue & Brown Checked Slim-Fit Single-Breasted Blazer




11 Mast & Harbour


Grey Solid Regular Fit Single-Breasted Casual Blazer



Men Brown Single-Breasted Solid Blazer


blazer for men


Grey Striped Regular Fit Single-Breasted Casual Blazer


blazer for men



How to Wear a Blazer for Men?


So to put on a blazer for adult men begin with deciding on your favorite personality. To accomplish this, consider choosing light weight blazer, for example lace, and distinctive layouts which endeavor a comfy cosmetic.

Once you’ve got your informal blazer, maintain the remainder of one’s appearance on level together with informal products. Denims, chinos along with shorts work on the floor whilst t shirts and Sizes match upward high.


How Many types of Blazer for men?


  • Cotton


  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Fit Type: Slim Fit
  • Size guide : blazer size should be 6-inch over your jeans waist size (for eg : if you wear a “30” size jeans your blazer size should be “36”) note : blazer sleeve length and waist area are alterable
  • Wedding and casual wear :- can be paired formally with a trouser and casually with a jeans
  • Package : Blazer with Cover and hanger
  • Slim fit and solid pattern blazer
  • Suitable for: business work, date, party, weddings, engagement, gift for families, friends and boyfriend


  • Linen


  • Care Instructions: Dry clean
  • Fit Type: Slim
  • 100% Linen
  • Slim fit
  • Long sleeve
  • Dry clean


  • Rayon

  • Care Instructions: machine wash
  • Fit Type: regular fit
  • Material: Poly Viscose
  • Regular fit
  • Blazer for Men
  • Long sleeve
  • Peak lapel
  • Machine wash


  • Silk

  • Care Instructions: dry clean only
  • Fit Type: slim fit
  • Blazer for Men
  • Pick the size that is “6” Inch over your trouser’s waist size. If you use a 32″ trouser, then opt for a 36″ blazer / suit.
  • This product consists of a Blazer with a Hanger and cover
  • Material Composition: Silk Wool


  • Synthetic


  • Care Instructions: dry clean only
  • Fit Type: slim fit
  • Color Name: Blue
  • 95% Terelene and 5% spandex
  • Long sleeve
  • Blazer for Men
  • Notch lapel
  • Slim fit
  • Dry clean only



Another 3 Types of Blazer for men

okay so today we’re going to talk about the three Blazer for Men that every man should own it’s been highly requested and we’ve done blog about most of these before but there have been kind of all standard out we’ve never done an blog about all the different types of Blazer for Men a mansion in yeah so I thought it was time to take care of that today right yeah and I think there’s only three that you really need and then if you want from there obviously you can expand out and add more based on wherever you’re at in your style journey and whatever your personal style is but these are definitely the three that work for everyone all right let’s do it right –

The first one they should have okay so this should be a given a navy Blazer for Men so navy blazer is an essential timeless piece that every man should have Navy just complements every skin tone out there and it really make einde of adds like a vibrancy to someone’s complexion it can bring out their eyes or their skin color and it also just kind of it feels very youthful the color Navy is very vibrant okay know so it adds a youthfulness to your look in terms of your complexion and everything I think that it just it’s a color that compliments every guy out there no matter your age your body size your complexion.



so I highly recommend it maybe a navy Blazer for Men goes with everything so it’s an essential item that will go with all the pieces in your wardrobe kind of treat it like a neutral item it’s so essential I think in fact that we did an entire blog dedicated to the navy blazer itself so we’ll link that in the description below also while we’re at it if you don’t know how your blazer should fit you are doing yourself a huge disservice and this Blog stop watching me right now because if you don’t know how your Blazers you’re fit you shouldn’t be looking at other Blazer for Men are go visit our Blog dedicated to how your blazer should fit and also link all of my favorite Blazers that I’m gonna talk about in this Blog.

2.  Next blazer they should own Ashe is what alright so once you have maybe you definitely want to get a gray blazer now this is the time I would recommend where you go with a different kind of fabric as opposed to like just a classic wool blazer okay.

so I would go with a gray flannel or tweed or even a cotton one as well but I think that this is the time we were you can really play with the texture of your blazer because now you know you’ve already gotten the super classic Navy wool or blazer so it’s time to add another classic color but play with the texture now

3. Last but not least but before we do that guys if you’re enjoying this Blog give it a Share, so the last blazer that a man should own is what okay so now this is the time to really have some fun insert your personality by going with a pattern blazer so either a plaid or a windowpane or even a herringbone herringbone personally is my favorite I love a good herringbone blazer but this is the time where you want to have some fun and it can if you want to make sure that it easily goes with the rest of your wardrobe then go with either a navy like herringbone or a charcoal and black houndstooth color that’s also really pretty but pretty pretty oh handsome handsome very handsome but this is the time that you want to introduce with you know some fun patterns exist and then.



also I think if you’re introducing some fun patterns in this too the third blazer you can go with the different colors as well so jewel tones jewel tones like burgundy Browns greens those colors I would say are a complementary to most skin tones out there and can easily work with say a white or like a white dress shirt or even like a crew neck sweater and some jeans and you know a checkout booth so I would say that those are still easy enough colors or you don’t really have to think and they’ll go with your white or your blue dress shirt. we talked about it in another Blog as well about matching colors and relative to your skin tone as well so we’ll link that in the description below but guys that’s the quick and dirty way yeah those are the three types of Blazers that you should definitely have in your club all right guys we’ll see in the next one you



Frequently Asked Questions?



What is the price of blazer?

Formal: Rs 500/Piece Rs 3500/Piece

What is the best suit for a man?

Three Piece Suit Tuxedo Suit Two-Piece Floral Suit Notched Lapel suit

How many types of blazers are there?

two main blazer types

Can I wear blazer with jeans?

Yes, many mens like slim fit jeans with blazer.when you wearing t shirt with blazer then you should wear jeans.

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