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Hi beauties welcome to today’s blogg today we are going to be doing a product review I’m actually going to be reviewing the Wet n Wild photo focus dewy foundation which I’m super excited to talk about because it’s only 649 at the drugstore exactly right we all love a really great deal we don’t want to be spending way too much money on makeup if we don’t need to especially.

if you are on a budget you’re really gonna love this Dewy Foundation but I’m gonna talk about it we’re gonna do a demo I am going to be pumping out so much more content because of the Kovach 19 lockdown and I’ve been home for quite some time now so I’m really taking advantage of the fact that I don’t have anywhere to be everything has been canceled and we’re just gonna create content to hang out in my makeup room you guys can come and chill with me and also if you want to see kind of like behind the scenes and flogs

it’s let’s jump right into the review they have 20 shades available a few dark tone shades which I feel like we need a balance of the light shades on the dark shades cuz we all come in many different colors and some of us have to mix different foundations and some of us are lucky if we have 20 cream baiji colors not all of them are available at the drugstores for you guys to go and actually swatch which is the downfall a definite con and those shades are usually the darker shades so if you are of a darker skin complexion that might be an issue that you might run into

if you do want to try this Dewy Foundationnot only the color selection but also the fact that you don’t actually get to go into the drugstore and swatch every dark tone color on your skin also in a PR package they included a primer slash serum this is a new product also by Wet n Wild and what I thought was really interesting is that it’s a serum and a primer all in one so this is a hydrating serum it has rosewater extract which we all know is super hydrating it also has come we leave extract and green tea extract this is more of just added benefits to the serum
so it is water-based and it is hydrating so all the ingredients for the most part are hydrating ingredients and hydration is something that no matter what your skin concern or your skin type is something that we all need first of all I love the color it’s like very milky


Dewy Foundation
Dewy Foundation

it comes with a dropper of course you can just apply this directly onto your skin so I’m just going to apply it a little bit here and you can massage this with your fingertips just very lightly and like I mentioned it is water-based so it does feel very watery it says it’s going to smooth the skin also so it’s going to get it ready for the Dewy Foundation we all love the dewy finish so maybe give this a try all right so now you want to let this set into the skin for a few minutes

so it really penetrates and hydrates the skin before you do your Dewy Foundation application price tag this is $7.99 right you could never really find a serum for $7.99 guys so I think that’s a really good deal so I don’t know if you guys can see this but something that I’m noticing is that the skin actually feels kind of sticky which is I feel like the primer part because the Dewy Foundation is really gonna grab onto the skin but I also see some rose gold particles reflecting

off my skin so the skin is looking super hydrated and actually glowy on its own like this you can see the light just reflecting off my cheeks my whole entire face but I don’t necessarily see any blurring of imperfections because I still see my pores coming through a little bit and my actual skin texture so that part don’t know about that part because it is claiming to smooth and blur out imperfections and I do not see it happening for me but it does make me look super glowy and hydrated all right let’s go into the Dewy Foundation we have I actually wrote down

some notes of my actual pros versus the cons obviously one of the pros is that is 6:49 because the price tag you can’t beat a 6:49 foundation that is also going to deliver now I have used this Dewy Foundationalready and when my sister Wendy came over I highly recommended it to her cuz I was like I am obsessed with this Dewy Foundationand I was actually going to do like a updated Dewy Foundation routine but I figured just giving you more of a thorough review on the foundation it’s much more useful now my color cream beige why am i a beige I’m tan this is a spinoff from their original photo focus Dewy Foundation formula this is just of course dewy we all love dewy skin right I love doing skin so when you open it up the actual applicator is a wand a little one like this which this can actually


Here you can Check your Skin Shades


Dewy Foundation

be a con for me because you don’t want to go directly onto your skin from the actual tube but I feel like you can’t help but want to just put it directly on your face so I would recommend either putting it on to the back of your hand like that it’s very super creamy the actual foundation is super creamy and liquidy so that’s really good now this

Dewy Foundation is made for normal to dry skin why because if you have oily skin the doing is it’s just gonna be too much going on unless you don’t mind setting your face throughout the day or if you have slightly oily skin I think that’s gonna be cool but it’s definitely made for normal to dry skin complexions guys I feel like once I have it onto my skin it really matches my skin complexion so we’re gonna do one layer first and I am using a Beauty Blender I found that this is like the best way to apply this Dewy Foundation because of its dewy finish typically with a brush you’re going to get a lot of streaking with the brush and I’ve tried many different brushes

so I found a Beauty Blender any type of Beauty sponge is really gonna be your best friend so I’m going to start by dabbing it mmm smells good I am going to be doing two different layers because I want to show you the wearable daytime layer because it’s definitely medium to full coverage so you can wear it one layer during the day and then if you want to amp it up for a night time you can definitely or for more coverage you just do another layer so whoo you see that guys that’s super dewy right I know I love it and it is covering up any redness it’s covering up imperfections definitely a Holy Grail the foundation also does claim that it blurs out imperfections and honestly

I’m definitely seeing that so I’m gonna go ahead and do this side on this side is where I have like all my sunspots so let’s see how this works out I usually always do two layers of this foundation and it’s like just completely flawless it’s cooling also it feels really cooling on the skin it just blends so nicely with this Beauty Blender it gets rid of all the dark circles any red spots it’s honestly just such a beautiful finish I’m going to do the forehead so I’m just gonna bounce a little bit of it all around and here you have it so this is one layer of the foundation and honestly I just been used to doing two of them but I feel like with one I’m good I feel like if you have oily skin and you leave it just like this you are gonna be super oily looking the foundation itself does give you a beautiful glowy dewy finish but if you have oily skin I feel

like you really are just gonna look like a hot oily mess because it’s like yeah I could see the oil coming through like the t-zone for example and just really messing everything up because there is a fine line between dewy and oily right so even though I have normal skin type I am going to dust a little bit of translucent powder on my face but we’re gonna do that after the second application so here is the first you also want to make sure that you shake it I forgot to shake it now we’re going to do a second layer but it’s not going to be as heavy because I already have most of my coverage so I’m just going to do about that much onto the back of my hand and with the same beauty sponge I am just going to actually just dab it where I have my sunspots which is here so on the high cheek palm high cheekbones

I only have sunspots on this side because my hubby is always the one that’s driving and the Sun is always on the right side for whatever reason but you can amplify your foundation coverage just on the areas where you need it it doesn’t have to be your whole entire face you know you can do full coverage just on certain areas so I’m just gonna do it here on the cheekbones cuz honestly I think this one medium coverage layer is more than enough for my skin I just kind of like to overdo


Pro Tip of how to Apply Dew Foundation on your Face


Dewy Foundation

it sometimes to be honest another really great positive thing about this Dewy Foundation is that if you do have dry skin the formula itself is super hydrating and moisturizing and if you add this serum right beneath it you’re gonna get a lot of hydration so hopefully if you guys are suffering with dry skin especially in the winter time hopefully this Dewy Foundation can really make a difference for you you know and you can’t go wrong with 649 and even if you spend 649 and you don’t like a girl return it that’s what I do there’s the

Dewy Foundation it definitely does wear like skin which is also a really great positive thing but like I said I do tend to get a little bit oily on my t-zone so I am going to do a little bit of translucent powder this one’s also by wet and wild and they have one that is in a banana shade as well like a yellow tone but the yellow tone even though I do have it I’m not gonna use that one today I’m just gonna do translucent and I’m only going to do a little bit like this because I do not want to get rid of the do eNOS so I’m gonna take a small brush like this one this was also by wet-and-wild but I think this is like a limited edition brush and I’m only going to dust the powder around my nostrils so this is something
if you have normal skin normal to dry skin you can just do this around the nose that area I like to keep mattified no matter what and I just like to keep everything else looking doing I also mattify my chin and the last place

that i mattify is right beneath or in between my eyebrows and then i just does stuff whatever is left like that so you can see that’s super vana fide right I don’t want to do the whole face because then that just takes away from the dewy effect of the foundation and that’s why I’m kind of obsessed with it so what I’m gonna do now is actually go ahead and do the rest of my makeup like my blush my contour my lip color and then I’ll be back to share my final thoughts alright ladies so now that I’m done with my makeup I just want to share a few things with you guys one of the things that I found really extraordinary about the foundation itself

and I know I’m really irate about it but it’s really the bomb calm guys wait until you try it so normally when I’m done with a liquid foundation I always have to set it with a powder like the whole thing if I’m gonna use powders on top of it especially like bronzer or blush because if you don’t set a liquid foundation it tends to get really blotchy because the powder will catch on to like the wet spots of the foundation and then it’s gonna be super blotchy and super difficult to blend but I have to say that I did not set my cheeks at all the only part that I did say of course you guys saw me do was the t-zone but I went ahead and I used a powder bronzer like this one this one’s by L’Oreal

and I used to it very lightly with a large powder brush and I did not see any blotchiness as you guys can see right it looks very smooth very radiant and the glow is still coming through the bottom even though I did put a powder on top right and then for the glow that I have right here I only ended up doing a little bit of one of my favorite highlighters which is this one by benefit called Watts up this is a cream to powder formula and I just used my finger a little bit and then I just dabbed it on here so that way you can have more of a natural finish to your makeup without having a lot of chunks or something super like obvious with glitter right or

with shimmer so that’s what I did and I was really happy with the outcome guys super happy as you can see the foundation looks absolutely flawless it looks luminous the only cons that I could think of definitely has to be the lack of shades available especially for darker complexion women and also the fact that it’s really hard to just watch a color in person at the drugstore or at Ulta because they don’t really have all those colors available also it’s not for oily skin unfortunately it sucks that people with oily skin can’t really try these type of foundations

but if you do want to try this foundation out and you have oily skin I highly recommend a nice translucent powder like this one this one’s mattifying and that just carry those little sheets to absorb the excess oil throughout the day which is honestly something that I just do even though I have normal skin type so I still blot my t-zone because I get a little bit oily here but this powder is really gonna help so you don’t have a lot of oil coming through so that’s one and also use an oil absorbing primer before you put on the foundation if you want to try it out so overall I’m super happy with a combination of the foundation and the oil serum all in one it looks really good I love it

I approve I recommend it to you guys so let me know if you guys enjoyed these quick demos and reviews I would love to do more I have an abundance of makeup everywhere here and so many cool new products that always come in to my house that I really want to talk about so if you guys have any special requests.



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