5 must-have off duty clothing brands for the modern woman

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What do you wear when you’re not in the office? Off duty clothing (sometimes called athleisure clothing) allows you to transition from work to play, making your whole day more enjoyable and freeing up time and energy for the things that matter most to you. To help women identify some of the best off duty clothing brands on the market, here are five must-have off duty clothing brands that every modern woman should have in her closet.

From skirts to belts to coats, Versace offers a huge selection of accessories and women’s wear. Their clothes are just as stunning as their accessories—when it comes to luxury design, you can’t beat Versace! If you want to look like a million bucks without spending that much money, look no further than Versace. And if you’re not sure where to start with your new collection of Versace pieces, don’t worry—we have some suggestions . First up is their classic black skirt. It’s versatile enough to be worn at work or out on dates and special occasions alike, so you won’t get tired of wearing it anytime soon. You can pair it with almost anything from simple t-shirts to blouses or even business suits (though we recommend keeping those for work). You could also try pairing it with one of their signature jackets—they offer a wide variety in both long and short styles, so there should be something for everyone. Just make sure that whatever else you pair with your skirt is simple; otherwise you might end up looking more like an art student than an executive. Another great piece from Versace is their silk scarf set. These scarves come in four different colors: red, white, green, and blue. You can mix and match them however you like or wear them together to create unique patterns—either way they’ll add flair to any outfit. Don’t forget about all of their other wonderful items either! With such a large selection available, how could you? Take some time today to browse through everything they have available and decide what would go best with your wardrobe. With everything they have available right now, we think it will be hard to leave empty handed. Now that you know what off duty clothing brand is all about, why not take advantage of our savings?

One of Gucci’s many achievements is their recent growth in women’s wear. The storied fashion house designed by Guccio Gucci has launched a new line, Librairie Gucci. Librairie is inspired by story telling and represents a utopia where your imagination and thoughts become reality. Librairie takes inspiration from classic literature as well as artistry from some of history’s most iconic women, including Sofia Coppola, Dame Helen Mirren, Fiona Shaw and Lynn Hirschberg. At first glance, you may not realize that each piece was inspired by these famous figures but upon closer inspection you will find details such as quotes written on buttons or graphics representing flowers found on Dame Mirren’s dress. Even though it is a small detail, it makes you feel like you are wearing something special and different. Another brand that offers off duty clothing is Balenciaga who offers an array of everyday pieces that are perfect for any occasion or activity. From flannel shirts to knitwear they have everything you need to complete your wardrobe while still maintaining that designer look. Offering chic yet functional pieces at affordable prices means anyone can enjoy Balenciaga even if it isn’t in your budget to splurge on one item at full price. When deciding what off duty clothing brands to invest in, it is important to consider what type of image you want to portray. For example, if you are someone who likes going out with friends then opting for more casual styles could be best so you don’t have too much trouble moving around and staying comfortable. Off duty clothing also comes in handy when traveling because it is stylish yet easy to pack without taking up too much space. For example packing a pair of flats would allow you room for other items instead of having bulky boots take up all your suitcase space! Investing in great off duty clothing brands ensures that no matter what situation arises, there will always be something appropriate that fits into your busy schedule! When considering which off duty clothing brands to purchase, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. Do you prefer more feminine looks or do you prefer edgier designs? What kind of fabrics do you prefer? Knowing exactly what kind of style works best for your body shape will help narrow down your options significantly. Some off duty clothing lines offer separates which allows customers to create a unique look every time they wear them.

Founded in 1913 by Coco Chanel, Chanel is one of France’s most prestigious fashion houses. The brand is now owned by LVMH and has expanded into fragrances, handbags, sunglasses and many other products for both men and women. Chanel is famously known for its quilted bags (the brand holds a Guinness World Record in 2012 after creating 100 million handbags) as well as its chic tweed suits and dresses that are perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Unlike some other fashion houses, all of Chanel’s ready-to-wear pieces are designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself so you know you can always expect high quality from them! If you love timeless elegance with just a touch of modern flair, then Chanel should be your first stop when looking for fashionable off duty clothing brand.
• Dressed up or dressed down, classic or contemporary – whatever your style is like at work or play, there’s something in our collection to match it exactly… Take these black double-breasted pants with red piping around their seams and pockets – they will look great teamed with either an elegant top or shirt to wear on a night out.

Ralph Lauren
Whether it’s a sporty cotton polo or an edgy biker jacket, Ralph Lauren is both timeless and trendy. Its femininely tailored clothes are sexy and polished, with classic detailing and impeccable attention to quality. If you love puffy vests and bows on your shirt collars, you’ll be in heaven here. And if you prefer your basics neat and simple—with a dash of edge—you can always find what you need without a fuss at Ralph Lauren. It might be expensive but hey, fashion is about looking good first and foremost! There are also men’s and kids collections as well as home decor items so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything!
Of course, we all know that there are plenty of other great off duty clothing brands out there. Who do you like? Let us know in the comments below!

The British luxury brand has been synonymous with trench coats since it was founded in 1856. Burberry’s signature plaid is so recognizable that one of its coats appeared on a 2014 episode of The Simpsons, where Homer was suspected of stealing it. For warmer days, Burberry makes sporty shirts and accessories, like hats and scarves, in vibrant colors and patterns. Prices range from $100 to over $1,000 depending on the item. The company’s stores are mainly located in Europe. If you live outside of Europe or need a trench coat now (during winter), you can order them from retailers like Amazon or Neiman Marcus . You can also find cheaper options at places like H&M and Target , but they aren’t exactly off-duty pieces.
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